Friday, January 15, 2010


(click on the photo, and you can see it larger )

Normally, today I would be posting an art gallery review. But I am sick today. I thought I was over it... and I was wrong. Coincidentally, my mother is in the hospital back in PA with breathing problems... so it's just an interesting day all around.

In lieu of the art gallery review (which I will hopefully be doing tomorrow)... I am posting a picture of the results of a collaborative venture between myself and a fellow photographer/artist who lives in Texas. We both decided to join the Echo Challenge group on FLickR (link: ECHO), and partnered together to form collaborative diptychs.

I am working with Brenda Seaholm-Wampler
(blog site:
Each couple of weeks; the theme changes, and we see what we can come up with separately; then we combine them. It is thrilling to see how well they come together.. and how the other participants interpret the theme. The challenge theme for this one is: MELODY.