Saturday, January 2, 2010


photo by Elaine A. Russell

Last year was pretty fabulous. Starting this blog was a real adventure for me... and I am looking forward to another year of posts. One of the things that this blog has encouraged me to do; is to take photos every single day. It has forced me to expand my creative boundaries and push through them. I highly recommend it.
I have started a project for this year as well. You can see the photos here ... where I will be posting a brand new photo taken each and every day in 2010.

I am going to be starting a series of posts this year. Once a week; I hope to review a local gallery and post about it. This will be a new "art day" kind of series. There are a small ton of galleries here in ABQ and the surrounding areas, and I am sure that I only know of a few in comparison. This will definately be an adventure... but one I relish.

I am also going to be posting "living simply" tips. When I was in college, I helped put myself thru financially by cooking, cleaning and organizing for people. Sort of a professional organizer... long before the term was HOT. It is something I am quite good at, and I often get called upon ( ala the shows Clean House and HOARDERS) to come and organize for people. For me; it is awesome because I love the satisfaction of being able to see almost immediate results. And... truth be told.. I love to search thru people's stuff. It is like digging for buried treasure. Anyway; I have spent years organizing and pairing down my own stuff... re-using, re-purposing items... turning them into art and craft pieces... refurbishing things and passing them on. I am an avid recycler... and I frequently post on Freecycle and Craigslist.

and... I am getting rid of titles; and merely labeling them 2:365 and such. Who reads the titles anyway.. and it's usually hard to come up with one to be honest.

So-- some new changes, as well as embellishments to the "tried and true."
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