Monday, January 25, 2010


( of art that were available on auction...)

This past weekend, I attended a Fundraiser for the Performing Arts in Socorro, NM.
It was located at the fabulous Macey Center (

As I said in a previous post; the events included hands-on arts and dance workshops, Brazilian music by the group "Saudade" and a silent auction. (link:

There were 3 of us "manning" a table... giving demonstrations and teaching techniques associated with ATC cards. (link: ATC card info). Amongst the other demonstrations there were: tye dying, beading, wire-work, embellishing sunglasses and other accessories, egg decoration, gourd painting, clay work, tin work, book binding, Polish paper cutting, weaving, printmaking, making fruit sushi, origami, crocheting, pastel drawing, watercolor painting, pottery, and making stained glass mosaics.
It was quite the variety of crafts being demonstrated; and it just gives a glimpse into the amount of talent here in New Mexico. It always amazes me how different crafts and art forms there really are in the world.... absolutely limitless... when you think about it. There really is no end to the creativity that people can come up with if inspired.
And so... here are photos of some of the art techniques being demonstrated....

*photos by Elaine A. Russell