Friday, January 29, 2010


*all photos by Elaine A. Russell

Art Gallery "Sneak Peek": 5G Gallery at the The Factory on 5th

The Factory on 5th has been a second home to local artists for about 6 years. It has seen alot of changes in that time... but the past few months have seen even more.
The main building on the property houses "The Kosmos" (home to the Church of Beethoven; as well as a new coffee shop), and about 30 artist studios.

And now; there is the new 5G Gallery towards the front of the property... which is what I am featuring today.

The 5G Gallery is a relative newcomer to the art scene here in ABQ.
Kudos go to RC Naso and David Cudney for the bulk of the work behind the scenes at the 5G Gallery. Recruiting fabulous artists from the Santa Fe area; they put together the premier show "Canyon Road Comes to Albuquerque," held in December.
Last month's show was entitled "The Peoples Art Show", and the next show starts February 26th--"Horsescapes."
(see the flyer at the bottom of this post).
Here are some photos of some of the fine artwork shown at these events:

artwork by James Jimenez

artwork by Alex Chavez

artwork by Annie Lindberg

artwork by David Cudney



I have always loved this grouping of buildings, and it seems the perfect local for a gallery space.

The premier show in December had quite the selection of vibrant and interesting art; and time will tell how cool and exciting this venue can become....

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