Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today I went to the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. While, I suppose, there are some that would not consider it a "gallery"... as in ... let's go buy some art..... I definately consider it one. And so... it is my first "Art Gallery: Sneak Peek" of 2010. (as in ... a peek inside)

The museum, as we know it, first started as a feature at the Albuquerque International Sunport in 1967. It later outgrew the area, and was built in it's current location by Antoine Predock.

According to Fodor's Guide: "This modern structure, which underwent a spectacular 40,000-square-foot expansion in 2004, houses the largest collection of Spanish-colonial artifacts in the nation, along with relics of the city's birth and development. The centerpiece of the colonial exhibit is a pair of life-size models of Spanish conquistadors in original chain mail and armor. Perhaps the one on horseback is Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, who, in search of gold, led a small army into New Mexico in 1540—the turning point in the region's history. Among the museum's attractions are treasure chests filled with pearls and gold coins, religious artifacts, and early maps (some dating from the 15th century and showing California as an island). A multimedia presentation chronicles the development of the city since 1875. The sculpture garden contains 45 works by 20th-century southwestern artists that include Glenna Goodacre, Michael Naranjo, and Luís Jiménez."

Specifically; I went with a friend today to see the "Albuquerque Now" presentation.

Albuquerque Now is a pair of exhibitions, comprised of two distinct installations of recent works created by artists in Albuquerque. A wide variety of media and styles will be featured, from traditional to post-modern, and the artists represented range in age from the mid-twenties to over eighty.

Among the artists included in Albuquerque Now Fall :
Jane Abrams, Garo Antreasian, Cynthia Cook, Ann Dunbar, Betty Hahn, Aaron Karp, Stephanie Lerma, Orlando Leyba,
Reg Loving, Santiago Pérez, Bart Prince, Alan Radebaugh, Holly Roberts, Peter White

It was simply stunning. Words cannot describe it.... but I was blown away.

Curator of Art, Andrew Connors (who envisioned and put together this show) said, ''The more I discover about Albuquerque, the more I appreciate the real, visceral, integral and experimental feel of the art scene here,'' Connors explains. ''Some of our most significant artists possess a pioneering enthusiasm...there’s something about the appeal of New Mexico and the Southwest lifestyle that allows people to be who they are without expectations.''

I couldn't have said it better myself....

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*all photos by Elaine A. Russell