Monday, January 4, 2010


photo by Elaine A. Russell

I don't know why some days are so chaotically crazy as compared to others....
Today was going to be a simple day when I ran errands... and did some work in my studio in the afternoon. So -- of course, this was one of those nights when I didn't fall asleep right away.. nor did I apparently sleep very soundly until the am.. because I ended up sleeping until noon.
Took a shower... and have been on the run since. Post office, groceries, a few stores to get some stuff.... pick up an item off of Freecycle (Thank you Betty for my wonderful new cake stand!!!)... got stuck in traffic... 3 car pile-up....tried to take some photos for my daily photo project....lost my wallet. Re-traced my steps. Freaked out. Went home. Started calling places. Cleaned out my car -- and found it wedged in the passenger seat.

Ok. Time to slow down and breathe.

Made supper. Fresh salmon with lemon and butter... edamame....shrimp with cocktail sauce... fresh bread with brie cheese. My honey made coffee :)

Sorted thru my pics from the day. The one above, is this girl (dressed in a blue dog suit) who was dancing and jogging in place on San Mateo and Academy --advertising a local fitness place. Not sure if she was moving about as inspiration for people to get in shape... or if she was cold. ... But it was cute.
I also got a fabulous photo of a neon green alien statue on an off street ... and of the tumbleweed snowman on I-25 (which I took while driving down the highway ... don't try this folks... ).... I will try to get better ones some other time.. but it was a great exercise in creativity.

Which I guess brings me to the Living Simply section of today's blog post.

Don't rush. Organize your errands so that you can consolidate trips. And if all else fails.. enjoy the chaos. You might get a good picture out of it all..