Thursday, January 7, 2010


*photos by Elaine A. Russell

Had and interesting day today... spent my morning in the doctor's office, then went for lunch in Old Towne at the Church Street Cafe and had the best fajitas, chips and queso. What can I say ... I like my queso and chips.

Church Street Cafe is a wonderful cafe in Old Towne, ABQ... quaint, historic... rumored to have ghosts....I first saw the place when my family went on the Ghost Tours of Old Towne about a year ago. But I digress. The food is awesome. Seriously. My waiter... Tony.. was fabulous. What more could I want? Oh ya.... a bag to take the rest of it home... which I relished over dinner.
To see more on the cafe: Church Street Cafe

But back to my posting...
Came home, did a few things that needed to be done; and took a nap. How wonderful is that?
Dinner was delightful; conversations with friends --awesome.... a good day.

Some days are perfect like that ... others ... are -- well... not. And that is OK. There is not always a reason for the sequence of events that make our days what they are... and yet, how we react to them can make a world of difference. For instance; yesterday I let a series of events completely throw me off... and it made me weary and frustrated and sad. A friend of mine sent me this quote today:

“Trials, temptations, disappointments -- all these are helps instead of hindrances, if one uses them rightly. They not only test the fiber of character but strengthen it...Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.” —James Buckham

And so - - I must remind myself that no matter what happens.. I may not have control over the situation .. or the event itself per se... but I always have control over my response to it.

Living Simply tip for the day:
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." --Hans Hofmann

I think this must also include our emotions. Take what you absolute must.. and try not to worry about the rest. Don't bring more into the situation than is actually there .... or actually necessary.