Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today has been a rough day..... feeling the pains of the Lupus. And so... beyond keeping up with the laundry, cleaning and dishes... I haven't gotten much done. Last summer I took a trip to see family in PA... and I have a bunch of photos from that trip on my computer. The photo equipment I had at that time was dying... and the lenses had spots all over them. As a result, all the photos I took on that trip need to be retouched... and it is something I have not made the time to do yet. So today, I worked on them for a bit.
These are some of those photos.

The pictures here were all taken deep in the forests of PA. I love it there. And I thought that ... being in the middle of winter... some greenery would be welcome. .. hope you enjoy....

all photos by Elaine A. Russell