Friday, March 12, 2010


------------------------------------------------->photos by Elaine A. Russell

wow. I am exhausted.

My parent's home is like Grand Central Station. I think the phone never stopped ringing.. and I have to wonder how the entire county seemed to figure out someone was home.
Got some laundry done.... got some groceries.... visited with my niece. That was really about it... in between all the phone calls. Did I mention it never stopped ringing?

I only took 4 photos today in totality... so I was very limited when it came to my photo for the day project.
Ah well. Hopefully it is OK.

At the grocery store... I found some wonderful items... including the makings for some fabu blue cheese and spinach bruschetta...which I am making right now. Yes... this very minute.

It's been raining all day. Weird. My niece reminded me that the last time I was here... that it rained most every day.

My dad seems a bit better today. According to my mom; the doctors seem a bit baffled as to the source of his internal bleeding... supposing that it may be a reaction to the stress of surgery, etc. But... 2 units of blood later... the bleeding has slowed, and there is some color in his face. He continues to be quite distended, and they are suspecting a bowel obstruction... which they are working to resolve. He is still in alot of pain... but fortunately, is getting some pretty good meds for that. Mom has moved into his hospital room from the guest house ... and is trying to rest in between stuff. She sounds completely tapped.
At this point, I am planning to drive to the hospital on Monday... in anticipation of his transfer to our local hospital. This will put me there.. hopefully not too early so as to just wait around and stay in a hotel.... but be there to drive my mom and all the stuff back to our hometown. In the meantime, I am fixing some stuff around the house, and tomorrow will clean my dad's car (my mom thinks it's filthy)..... course... she is a bit OCD....