Saturday, April 17, 2010


I feel as if I am closing the door on something. I can't explain it. ... nor do I really want to think about it. All day I have been depressed. I am sure it has alot ot do with my back really really hurting, and the knowledge that I am leaving in the am. It is physical, and emotional ... all tied up into one big ball of string.... endlessly rolling about on the floor and tangling me up.

And so. I forced myself to take some motrin... take a hot shower... and go and take some photos. I didn't go far... I didn't really need to. There are so many things in this part of the country that I would love to be able to take photos of. Today was a strange day weather-wise... raining... snowing... and the sun trying to peak through the clouds very briefly... it was odd. Many would consider this bad weather to try and take photos in... but it was still alot of fun for me.

Kristin and I are leaving in the am. We have put it off as long as possible... knowing that my parents really need help. But the reality is, is that my son is getting married on friday... and if I have any hope of showing up on time ... I need to go.

This has been a bizarre few weeks.... full of happiness, trauma, illness, joy AND pain... it has been a wild ride. I am hoping that things will begin to settle down soon...

And so... I am off to work on some laundry, and to try to go to sleep before 1am so that we can begin the journey tomorrow....

---------------------------------> all photos by Elaine A. Russell