Tuesday, April 27, 2010


... in the wee hours of the night... I took my daughter to the ER for a horrible migraine. Having suffered with them as a teenager (and ever since) ... I had hoped that she would not get them. But alas... she was in a full blown migraine with all the side effects thereof. I felt so bad for her... and she was an amazing trouper throughout the whole ordeal.
Fortunately, we got some wonderful care at the west side Lovelace hospital... and she is mostly better now.
Thank the gods for good drugs.

As a result... I spent most of the daylight asleep....waking late into the afternoon. I took only 4 photos... as I was rushing out the door to go buy my son and his new bride a bed (mattress/box spring and frame). It was the main thing they really needed... and I found a really nice one at Sam's Club online... so we went to get one at the store.
I haven't been to a Sam's Club in several years...having let my membership expire. However... I was happily surprised to see a wonderful selection of fresh fruits, veggies, and cheeses there! We ended up getting some fresh strawberries, blue cheese, salad supplies and the best looking mushrooms I've seen in quite awhile.... along with the bed, of course.
We then took it over to my son's new apartment... and helped set it up for them.

Being home is wonderful....but I've been feeling very guilty about alot of things. Not being here for all the wedding preparations....being behind on my blog.... not being in PA to help with my parents (and dad is not doing well)....being behind on artwork and projects....it's all been a bit overwhelming.

And so I took Sabrina for a walk. I wasn't more than 50 feet away from my front door... when a gorgeous owl swooped over my head. He was gliding ever so slowly... and had I simply reached my hand toward the sky I would have been able to touch him.... he was that close. As he was gliding just over my head... he turned his head and looked right at me... then went on his way to a tree nearby.
It was very surreal. It was as if time itself had slowed down to a crawl so that I could enjoy that moment just a little bit longer. I didn't see him again... nor did he ever call out into the night... but I am convinced that he wanted me to see him.... to feel his presence... to understand his spirit.. if only for a moment.

I have long believed in totem animals... and that they come during certain times to give us specific messages. According to one website:

"the OWL - brings us wisdom, teaches us about the mystery of magic, vision in the night. Owl, the night hunter, has the ability to see what others may miss. The gift of this medicine is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them."

I also read on another link that the owl was considered to be the companion of souls as it moved from one world to the next... making the owl thoughtful, a guardian, and able to see and guide through transitions. I am not sure what this particular owl was trying to relate to me.... but I am comforted, in awe, and blessed by his presence tonight.

To see more on owls and their symbolic meanings... look here

***all photos by Elaine A. Russell