Thursday, April 8, 2010


----------------------------------------turkey at a farm in Gold, PA

Today was an incredibly busy day. Dad had an appointment with his primary physician at 9am. It was good to be able to have a lengthy visit, and get everything straightened out.
From there... we had lunch at Fezz's Diner. I have mentioned Fezz's before.. it is a fantastic 50's diner just outside of town. My dad hadn't been there in quite awhile.. and actually felt up to staying for lunch.. so that was awesome.

Around Noon, he had his first infusion of Zemetta; which is an IV medication that helps with bone formation and strengthening... used primarily with cancer patients.

In the afternoon, my daughter and I went back to Gold, PA to drop items off at the Recycling Plant. It is a very pleasant drive. We stopped at the Gold General Store... just as quaint and old fashioned as you would imagine it to be.
Just past the Gold General Store; it a small farm... and in the front area were a stunning pair of turkeys.
In Colesburg, we stopped at the Wending Creek Farms to get fresh spring water for my parents. We filled several jugs.. and admired the spring beds of daffodils that were in full bloom.

We got back to Coudersport just in time to take my dad up for his first radiation appointment... and he seemed to do very well.... but by suppertime he was not feeling well. Assuming it was just the effects of a very busy day; he went to rest. By midnight.... he was running a fever.....

----------------------------------------all photos by Elaine A. Russell