Sunday, May 2, 2010


----------------------------------->all photos by Elaine A. Russell was an incredibly busy... but totally awesome day. It started off with a full body massage by Masterpiece Massage on Carlisle. The owner, Karla Linden is a very skilled therapist... and I left feeling refreshed and in less pain than I have been in weeks.

From there I went to an Art Sale near UNM, and got a fabulous art piece by Thomas Christopher Haag! He is one of my fav artists here in Albuquerque... and I am honored to have the opportunity to own a piece of his work.

On my way back home... I saw a demonstration on the UNM campus... providing info on medical marijuana... lots of peace and love, folks :).... and a great photo op. I have my own opinions on the subject... and having been a cancer survivor... have some real experience as well.

Later on this afternoon.... the hubby and I went to La Parada where the "Cinco de Mayo Folk Art & Music Festival" was in full swing. It was awesome. It will also be the main topic for tomorrow's post... so check back for lots of cool photos of some fab art by some awesome artists!

(Aaron Campbell)

And... before we headed home for the evening... we stopped at Astro Zombies on Central Ave; as it was their "Free Comic Book Day." We got to meet comic artists Aaron Campbell (Green Hornet Year One) and Andy Kuhn (Firebreather), and were even lucky enough to get signed comics and photos! WOOT!

It was an insanely busy day... and my back may kill me for it tomorrow... but in the meantime... it was feckin awesome :)

Gotta love Albuquerque in the Springtime