Sunday, May 16, 2010


---------> photos by Elaine A. Russell

Well ... tonight is my last chance to get the grant paperwork in... and I am working on it as we speak. It's really hard to write about yourself... and I have never really had to do anything like this before... so it's a bit intimidating.

These past few days have been especially rough. Just when you think things have the opportunity of getting "easier" or calming down... it seems as though something else rises up to the surface to stir things up.
On the other hand, I have come to discover that perhaps my best accomplishment in life is that I married really really well. My hubby ( and the kids as much as they are able) have been so incredibly supportive throughout this whole thing... and I do not even want to think about where I would be without them. And... I have really good friends. Friends who write with encouragement, friends who come over for a hug, friends willing to loan me a tv for my dad. It has been an incredibly insightful journey. You never know what will happen when the proverbial shit hits the fan... and to my great astonishment... I have been truly blessed with good friends and loved ones.
Yes, there have been some klunkers.... and I am emotionally cutting them loose. It's time. (actually... it's probably past time).
And I have had the great opportunity of learning (more than I care to)... about the insurance industry, finances, elder care, and planning for the future. In the whole scheme of things... it has truly been an education; and I'm sure it will be something I will tackle with the hubby on our own end when I get back to ABQ.
Life is too damn short. Too short to try to "save for a rainy day"... to not go on vacations.... to think that all our life is about is the work that we do... or the appointments we keep.... or even the company we keep. It's about experiences. It's about doing what we can for our fellow humankind and the earth and it's creatures. It's about helping each other out. It's about truly loving... deep and wide... til we split open and spill out all that goodness on each other. It's about enjoying food.. nature... life.
And I; for one... am not going to miss another day.
the photos for today's post are of a massive pine tree in my parent's back yard. There are several of these type of pine trees here in town... and even more in the surrounding woods. As a kid... I thought of studying botany... and at one point... I knew the names of most every tree, grass, weed, and flower in the county. Course, I have since managed to forget most of it... but some I remember :)

My parent's have a vintage little pocket tree book; and from the description, I thought that this was a Sugar Pine. However, after doing some internet research... I think it is actually a Norway Spruce. This tree is massive... and it has these gorgeous bows that hang low like curtains and shade you from the world...

It also gets these really big pine cones that make great "boats" to sail down the river....

Personally; it has been a great pleasure these past few days to just stand under these formidable bows... sheltered from the world around me... and pretending.. if only for a moment... that I am in my own world.