Wednesday, June 2, 2010


------------->photos by Elaine A. Russell

Today was awesome. Normal everyday stuff... made extra-ordinary simply because I am in my own home and doing my own thing. Laundry, cooking, walking the dog... all simple chores... but joyfully done today because I am so happy to be home.

We are extremely broke... and tomorrow I am going to start the process of cleaning the house and clearing out items that we no longer need or want. If these trips have taught me nothing else... it has taught me that it really is so very important to have all your finances in order, all your information/ passwords/ codes for things etc tucked away in a safe place... and to downsize your stuff as much as you feel comfortable with.

I am also really looking forward to working in my studio space. It is a complete disaster at the moment; not just because all my art supplies and such are in chaos... but also because the area ends up being a dumping ground of sorts for excess stuff around the house.

As an extra bonus... my hubby not only got me some beautiful flowers to welcome me home... but he also bought me a container of Kona coffee :)
he knows me sooooooooooooo well.