Saturday, June 5, 2010


(*promo postcard from this month's show at REVLIS)

When I started this blog... I wanted to include lots of local flavor, thoughts on art and photography... and daily musings on life in general
... and I think I have achieved that (at least on most days)...

At the beginning of the year... I started a series of blogposts on local art venues; which I called "Sneak Peeks." However, having been back and forth to PA for many months... I was unable to continue this series. Now that I am back for awhile... and to make it up to you all; I am going to post on 3 different galleries here over the next few days....


... and my Art Gallery "Sneak Peek" for today is: REVLIS
(peek #11 in my series)

Behind a somewhat unassuming exterior on Central Ave, lies a fabulous selection of funky...
hip hop... wild and colorful... exciting and fresh... art.
Graffiti fans beware... you will be sucked into the abyss
... at a vibrant new art gallery called REVLIS.

(yah well... I couldn't help myself... )

I stopped in this First Friday for the first time in several months. Only a short while ago, it was CIRQ gallery... and I loved it's creative spark. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to go now that it is a new place... but the owner; Nicole Montes, has gone out of her way to keep it all "street" and exciting and new. She heartily supports local, up and coming talent... and the energy is fierce.

This month's featured artist is J.L. Johnson... a truly fabulous artist.
For more info on J.L. and her art... check out THIS article at Duke City Fix.
Lisa Gill wrote this great article, and it is well worth the reading.
PLUS... here is a link to J.L. Johnson's website.

And so... here are some photos of some of the art at REVLIS...

artwork by Frank Andrade

artwork by Zack Meyer

artwork by Guillermo Gomez

*photos by Elaine A. Russell