Thursday, June 24, 2010


---------> photo by Elaine A. Russell

I am trying to think positive. Some days are harder than others to do this. Part of the problem is that the swamp cooler has been busted for a couple of weeks... and I don't tolerate the heat very well. Part of the problem is that my studio space is a mess... and I don't feel especially motivated to clean it up in the heat. Part of the problem is that I feel like a failure... because I had to cancel my participation in so many shows this year because of my parent's being sick... and the unpredictability of traveling back and forth to PA.
I need to focus on what I can do...

I have been fortunate this year to have been published several times in the Alibi newspaper... and even got a cover shot in April. Then... I was blessed to have been included in the 365 book *see link to the side*... and this past week I found out that one of my photos is going to be included in the August issue of "Artful Blogging" magazine. I am really grateful, and completely excited about this...

Things never pan out exactly like we think they are. I thought this year was going to be all about local shows, and instead, it seems to be more about publication. So... I am trying very hard to stay positive and go with the flow.

In what ways did something go awry... that turned out to be the best thing for you?