Saturday, June 26, 2010


--------> photo by Elaine A. Russell

Today it finally rained and I am grateful. The rain came down ever so softly off and on today... and it was a welcome respite from the intense heat wave we've had. Tonight it is cool and calm... and is perfect sleeping and dreaming weather.

We were also blessed with a visit from a friend of a friend... who was able to fix our swamp cooler. And again... I am so very grateful. You never know how comfortable those things make our everyday existence... until it's broken for a couple of weeks.

It is also the full moon for this month.... and tomorrow is my daughter's 18th birthday.

"Today marks June's full moon and it is celebrated with multiple names: mead moon, honey moon, dyad moon, strawberry moon or pair moon. June is a month for decision making, working on inconsistencies, strengthening and rewarding yourself for your positive traits. June is a good time for protective, strengthening and preventive spells.

The Full Moon actually covers three days, including the night of the Full Moon, itself. This is a time for action, for harvesting the fruits of our labors, for realizing that which we began at the last cycle, and of giving thanks."

About the photograph for today: I took this photograph today while the rain was coming down. I had some great light coming in through my bathroom window... which is a textured glass. So I put a still life together using some vintage glass bottles ... this way the light could be seen through the various colored glass...