Saturday, July 10, 2010


------>photo by Elaine A. Russell

...the dryer is dead. I seem to have this innate ability to kill appliances. My mother has had her washer and dryer for over 25yrs... yet, I can't seem to get mine to live beyond 5yrs. I like to think it's just that modern day appliances aren't made as well as they should be... but in reality... I think it's me.
And so.... I have a repairman coming in a few days. In the meantime... I washed some clothing and the hubby and I took them over to a nearby laundromat to dry... and it became a "date."
We bought chicken wings and drinks... sat in a corner of the laundromat and had a sort of picnic while our clothes dried... talked about the day... and hung out.

My hubby says he'd rather have a date in a laundromat with me... than a full course dinner with Angelina Jolie. Personally, Angelina rocks... but I appreciate the sentiment. I think it's really all a matter of perspective. I could have been really pissed about the dryer dying... and the prospect of paying to get it fixed... or I could take this as an opportunity to spend an hour with my hubby without distractions... and worry about the money later. Granted, I still have to figure out the finances to fix the dryer... but financial complications are not exactly foreign to me... and it will work out.

Plus... I had the "bonus" opportunity of being able to take a couple of photos. This one became my photo for the day... grabbing some of the cool light that was coming in the front windows and playing off the facade of the wall of dryers.