Monday, July 12, 2010


-----> photo by Elaine A. Russell

Today there was a tragic shooting here in ABQ. I'm sure this kind of thing happens every day..... somewhere..... and that is the worst revelation of all.....

A gunman opened fire today at a business right near where my hubby works. He killed 5 people, injured 4 more, and then killed himself. Police are theorizing that it was a domestic violence case that spilled over into the workplace this am.
While I am majorly impressed with the speed with which the authorities closed in on the tragedy (they responded within 3 minutes)..... it still wasn't enough time to save all the people involved.
How quickly time passes... and how much tragedy can fill such a short amount of time...

If we learn nothing else from this event... I hope that it brings home to many many people tonight how very precious life is. How wonderful life can be... and how quickly it can be cut short.