Saturday, July 17, 2010


----->photo by Elaine A. Russell

Well.... I have managed to go through just about the whole house (except the garage and the attic space)... and it is a good thing. Along the way, I have found a few things to get rid of..... and a few of things to fix (sewing/ mending... ugh).
We are (hopefully) going to sell the stuff over the weekend (I have ads on Craigslist)... and whatever is left over is going to charity on Monday. It will be good.
Next week... I can begin working on the garage and attic space... which is going to be alot of work simply because it is mostly arts/crafts type stuff that I am sure I will have a hard time weeding through and narrowing down... but we'll see.
In other news... I think I have bronchitis. It is interesting to note that I am cleaning out my house... and my lungs are cleaning out themselves as well... This too... is probably a good thing... but it sure makes it impossible to breathe sometimes. I am sure a good therapist would have a field day with this.... he he.... probably along the lines of.... stuff suffocating my life.... crap suffocating my lungs... who knows. But it is interesting.

About the photo for this post: I took a photo of this cover art on a very 1950's book. The book details how wheat is grown and gathered for bread making. I loved the cover, but it wasn't mine so I took a photo of it. I especially like how the little girl is holding what appears to be a substantial knife ... something that would definitely NOT be allowed in today's advertising. I can just imagine the law-suit over allowing what appears to be a 4yr old wield such a hefty weapon.....
I plan on using this photo in a collage project.