Saturday, July 17, 2010


-----> photo by Elaine A. Russell

I am taking it slow today... a lack of sleep and what is probably bronchitis has reared it's wheezing ugly head. But it's been a wonderful day...organizing, donating, and throwing stuff out... we even sold a couple of things.
Progress is being made on what will be the hubby's new office space... we had lunch at Flying Star... some friends came over to the house for a short visit..... all is good.

I am trying to envision what my new workspace will look like when I am done with it. This is going to be my next project, and I have been giving it some thought. I have been re-reading "Creative Time and Space" by Rice Freeman-Zachery... and it has given me lots of inspiration. While it will still (obviously) be a garage studio... hopefully, I can get it organized... and cleaned up... and full of charm and motivation in the on-coming week. I have a major photo shoot next weekend... and at the end of the month my father will be discharged to home and will need round-the-clock hospice care. I am not sure when I will be needed to potentially help out... so I am trying hard to get things sorta caught up before then...

About the photo for today's blog post: This is actually a pretty clean and crisp photo of a coffee cup (with steaming goodness) taken at the Flying Star Cafe. Today I altered it by decreasing the saturation of the colors, adding some grit and grime... adding some "noise" or texture to the main part of the picture, and adding the vignetting of an old time camera shot. Once the "feel" of the photo was properly goth... I added a tattoo design to the cup by way of making it a new layer on top of the original photo.
With coffee holding me together for most of today.... it seemed appropriate to fashion a cuppa into some kind of deadly brew...