Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Having dealt with debilitating illnesses before... you'd think that I would know when to slow down. Or stop. But I don't. I think sometimes that illness (at least in my case) can therefor sometimes be a good thing; in the sense that it forces me to take time and rest.
This whole past month I have been working up to a "good" case of bronchitis. And now, for the past several days... it has consumed most every moment of my existence.
Stupid stuff completely wears me out.

I have been trying to sort thru the house ... and this past weekend I sold some of the stuff off of Craigslist. The stuff that didn't sell.... I loaded up and took to Goodwill this afternoon. It was all I could do to basically drive it up there... and somewhat help unload it (fortunately... I very nice guy helped me out). By the time I got home... I was ready for another breathing treatment... and some Tylenol for a killer headache.

One thing that never seems to wear me out though... is taking photographs. Both of the shots for today's post I took on the way home from Goodwill. They are sunny.... and remind me to keep "looking up".... and keep on keepin on....

------->photos by Elaine A. Russell