Monday, August 9, 2010


I miss having my own mailbox. I know it seems to be a stupid thing... but I remember ... quite fondly, in fact.... having the mail person come up to the porch... say hello.... put your mail in the box and take any mail you may have to go out.
There are alot of communities across the nation that I suppose still have more personal service such as this... but not here in ABQ. In fact, we are not allowed to have an individual mailbox in our neighborhood... just these impersonal large metal boxes on each street for that particular grouping of houses.

I have done alot of mailing these past 10yrs ... selling on Ebay since 98, and on Etsy since 07... and I am always reminded of how complicated things have become within the whole mailing world. Labels, restrictions, packaging rules... it's all quite alot really. I completely understand how things have evolved this way; and I'm not saying it could be any better than it is... it can just be frustrating. Course... equally frustrating is the many, many people in line who don't really know what they are doing.

One of the things my local post office has done is have these machines installed -- which you can use 24/7 ... and allow you to print off your own postage and such. It is awesome... and really saves me alot of time ... because I can go to my post office during off hours; use the machines, and be out in no time.

--->photos by Elaine A. Russell

About my photos for today's post: I took these photos today near the house of a close friend. I love vintage cars & trucks... and they can be so much fun to photograph. These photos are essentially untouched... just a little soft focus on the edges, and a little tweaking of the colors.
What do the photos have to do with my post? Nothing really... except that the photos; like my memories... remind me of a somewhat simpler time. Guess I was a little nostalgic today...