Wednesday, August 11, 2010


--->photos by Elaine A. Russell

When I was back in PA... I was hard pressed to find time to take my photo for the day sometimes. One afternoon... I had about 15 minutes... and decided to walk up some of the alleyways behind the stores in town. This vintage fusball table, was amongst the rubble in one alley.

I loved it... and tried to take a quick photo or two that I could work on later. Today... I played around a little with them in Picnik... and I like the way they turned out.
I have always been drawn to the used and the discarded... perhaps it is the recylcer in me... or perhaps some weird quirk related to my gypsy heritage... but I love to work with materials that have been cast off. It is invigorating to try and make something out of an object that someone no longer wanted.
I find that as I am going thru my stuff in the garage... that the bulk of it is recycled material.
And it is good.