Sunday, August 29, 2010


It is definitely summer here in Potter County... with hints towards the coming fall. Today for our daily drive, my mom and I went over to Bradford (about an hour away) to visit with her sister and her sister's husband (AKA as my favorite aunt and uncle). Sabrina went along for the ride... and seemed to enjoy it.

Along the way there were some detours... yes, there is road work even here in the backwoods of PA. We went thru little towns such as Coudersport, Olmstead, Mina, Roulette, Burtville, Port Allegheny, Turtlepoint, Eldred, Prentisvale, Duke Center, and into Derrick City... and yes, those are the real names too.

We had a nice visit... and I walked around the back end of their yard... past the little field where we used to have occasional family picnics... where we tossed lawn jarts at each other (before they were outlawed as dangerous)... and past where the old badminton nets used to be.... towards the woods. Past the crab apple trees that the deer love.... past the black walnut tree where the squirrels live. Dodging bear scat... and the occasional gopher holes... and took a few photos... which you see here. The lantern is on their little barn.
Because sometimes you just have to take some time and wander.....

(photos by Elaine A. Russell)