Thursday, September 2, 2010


I believe that things generally happen for a reason. That said... we don't always know what that reason is... and maybe we never do figure it out... but I'm convinced that usually wrapped up in the stuff of life, are lessons to be learned if we take the time to listen.

The past couple of days have shown me some unexpected surprises....yesterday a sharp shinned hawk not only came specifically to my mom's yard (which they never do)... but it fluttered and flapped until it caught my attention... looked me in the eye... and then took off.

About an hour later... somehow a little black-capped chickadee got into the house.... and sat on the window right beside my mom who was taking a nap in a chair. Startled awake... she called me... and the bird not only let me catch him in a soft towel... but let me take him outside, where he looked at me, and quickly flew off... unruffled by the event.
(backstory here ... is that my mom and dad loved to watch the birds)

And today... everywhere we went... I saw hearts. Hearts on flowers, and on leaves...

...even in the form of deck chair designs....

... and when I finally laughed and said... ok ok... I get it .... a friend of my mom's was tossing popcorn into a pond in front of me while he was talking to my mom ... and these huge fish jumped right out of the water... only about 1 foot in front of me..... and all I could think of was my dad laughing out loud and wishing he had a net!

Thanks Dad, I needed that... and I love you

*photos by Elaine A. Russell