Friday, September 3, 2010


(photos by Elaine A. Russell)

Today was spent out at Carter Camp... which claims to have a population of 2. Now, I was questioning this highly... until I tried to do some internet research... and couldn't find anything really on this little village. It is basically only mentioned because Ole Bull Park and Museum are close by... which was once a sorta "famous" place to visit.... at least by local standards.
We went to visit some friends of my parents... and they have a really nice place out in the middle of the woods there. We had a great time... and it was nice to be in the middle of nothing but trees.
On the way back we saw a wild female turkey... some great views out near Cherry Springs, PA... and lots of gorgeous nature soaking up the summer sunshine.
And we are in for the night... very tired..... but having enjoyed the day.

I have to admit that I was feeling rather down today... I had gotten an email notice of an art show coming up that I had intended to participate in this year... it's only 2 weeks away. And I was feeling like a colossal failure as an artist because I haven't been able to do any shows really this year due to travels and such. I was having a bit of a pity party I guess.
I need to remember that I don't do art for shows... I do it because it is part of my very being... and that I cannot not make art. I need to remember that I have accomplished a few things professionally as an artist this year... and that is well and good.... but more importantly... I have done what I needed to do for/with my family... both here and in ABQ... and ultimately... that is the only reward I need.