Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After a restful night's sleep in Indiana... I woke up early and headed out on the open road again. By late morning... I was sipping Starbuck's in Terre Haute~ it was awesome. Even Brina took a little siesta on the patio...

I really feel like I am running behind for some reason. I know that I am not "on a schedule"... but in the back of my mind... I am wanting to get home before my son and his wife have their precious baby. And I have had a sense of urgency... and underlying current of stress... this whole drive back.

I stopped at the Driftstone Pueblo... one of my fav places to look at stones, beads, feathers, jewelry... even flutes! This shop is in Illinois, and behind it is a wonderful lake area. I am told it is a good fishing area... but seeing as I didn't have my pole with me this trip (I know.. I know...)... I decided it was the perfect spot for some meditation.

And it was.... and it relieved me of alot of the urgency I had been feeling these past few days.

Tonight I am staying in a Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, Missouri(!!!)... and I am delighting in how wonderful it is. Brina enjoyed her portion of my KFC dinner... and is now happily sacked on the bed while I enjoy some great shows on the Food Network :)

*photos by Elaine A. Russell