Friday, October 22, 2010


It's been raining off and on here today... and it's colder than I thought it would be for this time of year... but it was still an awesome day.
I got some items listed on Etsy... updated my blog links... took a few photos walking around the neighborhood... did some laundry... did some cooking... and spent some time with family.

And I made some fresh roasted roma tomatoes... and then some fried green tomatoes to go with a couple ham steaks for dinner.

Ingredients: Garden fresh green tomatoes, 2 eggs & milk whisked into one bowl, about 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of cornmeal in a second bowl, butter, salt, pepper.

1. Slice tomatoes 1/2 inch thick. Discard the ends.
2. Whisk eggs and milk together in a medium-size bowl. Mix cornmeal, flour, salt and pepper in another bowl. Dip the tomatoes into milk and egg mixture. Dredge in breadcrumbs and flour mixture to completely coat.
3. In a large skillet, melt a little butter. Place tomatoes into the frying pan in batches, depending on the size of your skillet. Do not crowd the tomatoes, they should not touch each other. Season them with salt and pepper as you desire. When the tomatoes are browned, flip and fry them on the other side. I cook them on low heat on both sides first to get the tomatoes all warm and juicy, then increase the heat to brown them on the sides. Serve hot and enjoy the sunset :)

*photos by Elaine A. Russell