Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was talking with a gentleman from Africa today... discussing how different people buy things. What they choose to buy... how they feel about the purchase, etc.
The conversation started... because I was thinking of buying a Tibetan Silver charm for myself. It was pricey ($40)... but he offered me a discount on it; particularly because I was buying it for myself. "So many people won't buy things for themselves" he said.

Now... I figured I was being selfish (but it was for my b-day I was arguing with myself)... but he disagreed with the notion that it was selfish ... saying how important it was that people take enjoyment in the things they have. Not buying it because of any perceived "status"... or because it was an "object of value"... but simply because I loved it. How the joy of it was more important.

We then went on to discuss how most of my purchases tend to be on the practical side of things. In fact, in his native country... most purchases must serve multiple functions... especially for the nomadic people. The exception being... things of great "treasure"... ie: things they love.

*photos by Elaine A. Russell