Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have been making jewelry since 1995 (well... technically, I made some in high school "advanced art" classes... but I don't think that counts).  I am essentially self taught... having only taken a couple classes from a friend who has been making jewelry for over 30yrs. I love it. Most of my jewelry is made from recycled materials... and I often use items such as wire, hardware bits, broken pottery, re-claimed plastic pieces and old toys.

These past couple of days... I have been clearing out some stuff in the garage (again... still... )... and am actually making some head-way. I have given away some stuff on, gathered a bunch of stuff for donations... and it feels good.

The pic for this weekend's post is out of my journals. I keep several journals... some of which are dedicated strictly to jewelry designs. It feels great to be working on stuff again... and I finally got brave enough to share some of my doodles with you...

(photo by Elaine A. Russell)