Monday, May 30, 2011


It's Memorial Day weekend... a sure sign of the entrance to summer...  and it's bloody hot here in Albuquerque.
And yet, I am reminded of memories of Memorial Days past...

Traditionally, there was always the Memorial Day parade and such in our small town. Dad would dress up in his Army uniform, and join ranks with other veterans and march down Main Street. During my school years... I was in the band.. and we would follow behind... and then play selections in the Courthouse Park following speeches and such from war heroes past.

We usually had a picnic... sometimes in the woods of the Susquehanna National Forest... sometimes simply in the backyard... corn... burgers... fresh watermelon... the usual fair. Bad jokes would be told. Stories most of us would rather forget... but it was our story... our times.

My father's family have been active in the military clear back to the Civil War... perhaps longer.
We have a long history of service... of pride... of a deep respect for peace.
Today I thank them... and all our country's veterans... THANK YOU.