Sunday, June 5, 2011


Getting me up in the morning... is like giving a cat a bath. It may get done... but it won't be pleasant.

Lately though... I have been waking  up around 4am. Not sure if it is because of heartburn *eash*... or because of the maniacal birds in my backyard who think it's time to be up and about...  but there ya have it.
And so...  this morning I decided to "ride it out"... and see what this morning thing is about.

I saw the paper "boy" deliver the am papers... Sunday Edition...
... and birds eating the Mulberry Tree berries for breakfast.

I heard tons of birds waking up and celebrating the day
... and the *whoosh* of a hot air balloon as it floated over the mesa.

I tasted some fresh mint from my herb garden
... and added some more to my tea.

I smelled the yellow broom plant in my neighbor's yard...
... along with the smell of wet dirt as neighborhood sprinklers came alive.

And I felt glad that I was up and about.

*photos by Elaine A. Russell