Saturday, June 11, 2011


Genghis is a Newfoundland/ Chow Chow mix that we adopted years ago. He was found wandering along the highway here in NM, and was very sick. We saw him at the Animal Humane... and as soon as we locked eyes... knew he was meant to be with us. However, the day after we adopted him... we discovered he was extremely sick with Parvo... and had a less than 5% survival rate. Daily trips to the doctors for IV fluid, countless medications and such later... he flourished.

He has been wonderful. He is protective... loving... always ready to give a nuzzle and a wag. The past year or so.. he has progressively gotten more lame... and now seems to be in pain most all the time. We have tried countless medications, herbal remedies and such... but I just can't help but feel like it is "his time" to pass on.

I love you Genghis.... let's have an awesome weekend...

* photos by Elaine A. Russell