Saturday, June 11, 2011


Buffy is also a rescue.
We had gone to a birthday party near one of the reservations here... and there were these puppies in a cardboard box being given away. She was flea ridden, tick infested... and severely malnourished... and she jumped out of the box and parked by the front tire of my car... staying the entire time of the party... and not moving. When we went to leave... she begged to go.. and so she did.

Buffy, I believe.... is a victim of inbreeding. She has had all sorts of anxiety issues... learning difficulties... and such. But she is extremely loving... and well meaning... and she is beautiful *inside and out*...

She has been steadily going down-hill ... especially these past few months. She has troubles with movement, troubles with digestion,... and has had seizures and personality changes.  It's sad... she is still quite young (she is 8yrs old).... but she is in poor shape...I hate to see her like this.

*photos by Elaine A. Russell