Thursday, July 7, 2011


One of the things I have been trying to do while cleaning out my studio space... is to find new homes for some of the stuff out there. I have (amongst the chaos)... a small ton of fabric... most of it given to me... that I am trying to go thru. Some of it goes back to the 1930's... but alot of it is fabric I just don't want to sew with... vintage shiny fabric... 80's stuff... polyester bits... eesh. It is a big job... with the stash filling about 20 huge plastic bins. Anyway... today I went thru a couple of them.

The other major stash out there in the studio is (obviously) art stuff. Projects I started and never finished... stuff I did finish but never sold... and endless supplies. And so today... I took Roxanne *the jeep* ... full of stuff to Savers... including 8 or so finished art pieces... which are shown below :)
Hopefully, someone will want them. (if you click on the bottom photo... you can see it larger)

*photos and artwork by Elaine A. Russell