Friday, July 29, 2011


well... I finally did it.
I finally got through the last of the fabric that has filled my attic for the past several years. It was a combination of: stuff I had bought... stuff I inherited from my sister... and stuff that was my grandmother's. I started off with about 28 super large bins of fabric... stuff that was as old as the 1930's... to present.
There was denim, flannel, corduroy, Chinese brocade silks, polyesters, cottons, silkies, shiny, lace, eyelet, madras... fleece... and so much more.
 I saw lots of started projects... and lots of scraps of clothing I remembered as being handmade by my grandmother...
I went through it all.

Along the way... I gave away 6 tall kitchen garbage bags full of scraps on Freecycle. I kept 7 tubs for myself for future projects
( 3 tubs of cotton fabric, 2 of flannel fabric, 1of quilt tops and pieces, and 1 of misc fabrics ).
And tonight I finished up by listing the bulk of it on Craigslist. I am offering 6 super large tubs of fabric... plus quilt batting... plus a pillow form... plus the tubs.
I am hoping it will all sell quickly... but it feels sort of like the ending of an era...