Monday, August 1, 2011


It can be hard to let go.
I have saved all this fabric for years and years... long after both my grandmother and sister passed away... thinking I would sit down and do things with it all... and it just never happened. Then... I thought... at the very least... I could sell some of it... and use the money towards something else; or give to charity.... but that didn't happen either.
And so... It all went today. Most of it is being donated to "Project Linus"... that makes blankets for children in hospitals and such... and the rest of it went to homes of fellow Freecyclers. One person is using it to make clothing for her children... one is using it to make blankets for the homeless... one is using it to make costumes for the SCA.
8 large tubs of fabric are finding their way to new homes... new projects... new ideas.
I think both my sister and my grandmother would be proud :)

*photos by Elaine A. Russell