Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been in alot of pain for several weeks now.
It's my own fault. I had stopped going to acupuncture because I thought I was getting better enough that I didn't need to go so often... and I keep backtracking to the brink of severe pain.
It's a vicious cycle I suppose.
I don't like going so often... and yet, if I don't... I really pay for it.
And so... Tomorrow starts a series of frequent visits... with the hopes that I can (finally) kick this.

In the meantime... I am trying to concentrate on the positive...


About the photo for today's post: I took this photo a couple of years ago... on one of my trips back to PA.
It is from the Susquehanna National Forest... and it features my favorite fern... the maidenhair.
I once had a dream of doing a photo book of Ferns of the US... perhaps someday I will be able to do that :)