Monday, September 5, 2011


As a child... I was always told that I had an "old soul." I would guess that that is true.
As a teenager... I had a strange fascination with information about WWII... and poured over books and accounts of it. I felt as if I had been there. When I was in Germany... I made a point of going to Bergen-Belsen... an infamous concentration camp. It was an incredible experience.
Early in my marriage... I went to see a "fortune teller"... who randomly told me that I had been a gypsy in a former life... probably dying in WWII at a camp... this ... without any prompting on my part... in fact... I had forgotten about my earlier interest... until she mentioned it.
Several years ago... I started researching history on the Rom (gypsies) in western Europe... because I had an inkling that my father's family were indeed Romany people from England/ Ireland. I slowly started collecting books on the Rom... and to my amazement... this photo was in the front part of a book by Raymond Buckland. The caption on the photo reads.... Gypsy Girl, October 1912.

Now. Those of you who have known me since childhood... would swear this was a photo of myself. It is uncanny. The shape of the face... the coloration of the eyebrows... the hair... everything. When I saw it... I shook. It was like looking in the mirror.
And... if this little girl would have been around during WWII... she would have been around the age of 20... and would certainly have been taken off to a concentration camp to be exterminated. Over 6,000 Romany people were thought to have perished in the camps... perhaps more.

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.