Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love old cars.

I am sure it has alot to do with my dad... who was a great car aficionado... and at one time... had dreamed of being a car designer.
 Whenever we were out and about ... and he saw a cool car... we had to stop.
When he and my mom came out for a visit in 1998... it coincided with the Great American Car Rally on Route66... and he was SO excited to spend a couple hours drooling over the vintage hot rods and such. He even got a ride in the rumble seat of an old 30's wagon... and it was awesome.

Anyway... today I went out to the airport to pick up BAJ from another out-of-town trip... and we went by one of several parking lots .... BUT... this one had a TON of vintage cars there. Apparently the owner of the lot has a hobby of buying old cars, restoring them... and re-selling them.
How cool is that>!
And so... I had to stop...

*photos by Elaine A. Russell