Friday, September 23, 2011


So... last week we left on Thursday night... and drove all night.
We arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park around 4am. It's a sorta winding path into the park... and it was lit only by a HUGE almost full moon. Glorious. Upon entering the park... we actually were blessed... and saw a herd of female elk on their nightly grazing.
We got to the park... and decided to nap for a little bit... waiting for sunrise.

Once the sun started to come up... tons of people seemingly appeared out of nowhere to watch.
There were (mainly) foreign tourists there... with groups that I noted from France, Germany, Japan, and Russia. I was surprised at how few Americans were there... and one of the German tourists said the same thing. Perhaps Americans tend to go before Labor Day... I am not sure. It is interesting to note that other countries seem to emphasize the importance of travel... I think ... more so than Americans do...
Either way... the canyon is glorious... and not something I would recommend missing.

We enjoyed several hours at the canyon... taking in alot of the sights.... wandering the pathways... I even lit a HUGE bunch of lavender & Sage smudge bundle... and did some prayerful meditation.... giving thanks for the trip... hopes and well wishes for the future... and healing for our land (as well as physical healing for myself and some friends)...

*photos by Elaine A. Russell