Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am a country girl at heart.
Now... don't misunderstand... I love living in the city... and the conveniences that provides...
But. I grew up in a very small town in rural PA... and my soul loves to watch the changing of the seasons... as only nature herself can do.

It seems that we as a people are going thru serious changes. I liken it alot to the great depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929. I think we have been living within a deep financial depression for longer than we all care to admit... and an emotional one perhaps as well. After all... alot of us suffered thru the "material years" of the 80s and 90s... and perhaps got caught up in alot of what we should have and ought to do... and ... now are at a point where we are re-thinking alot of things. At least... that's my take on it.

Which brings me back to being a "country girl." I have always done alot of crafting... of making "something out of nothing...".... of recycling and re-working pieces into new.
I would like to start doing more posts on these type of things...
I think it's about time.

*photos by Elaine A. Russell