Thursday, November 3, 2011


I absolutely LOVE the paper cutting arts.
Cultures all around the world have their versions... from Scherenschnitte... to Mexican Paper Cutting (papel picado)... to Japanese Kirigami... There are SO many wonderful examples of art out there.

But I didn't have to look far for some cool pieces to feature for today's post. I have done some interesting stuff... but nothing like what my daughter makes. And so... the photos for today's post are all done by her.
The one in the top photo is SO small... it actually swims in the ultra small tiny gumball toy lid (not the bigger ones.... but the really small ones). Entitled... "In his own Little World"... it really speaks volumes.

See more about papercutting on Wiki here:

photos by Elaine A. Russell
***Artwork by Kristin M. Russell