Saturday, November 5, 2011


And for one of my favorite applications for recycling paper... JEWELRY!

From the use of Washi paper in Chinese jewelry in the First Century... to today's newest and boldest fashion trends...  Paper has played an important part in jewelry design.
Alot of people only think of paper in terms of photos... and once they've placed their loved one in that golden locket... they're done.
But there are so many other applications.

Medals with pictures of the Saints... charms and remembrance jewelry... Sorta simple... but still lovely.
Then there came Scrabble tile pendants, which became hugely popular several years ago; and it was a great jumping off place for the arts to go crazy. The past several years have seen an explosion in Resin Jewelry... applying paper to all kinds of backgrounds and either setting them in resin... or adding several coats of resin on for a super shiny sealer.

Then there is soldering. Placing all kinds of paper ephemera under glass and soldering around the edges.

Or... (one of my favs)... was the release of the wildly popular line by Susan Lenart Kazmer. All kinds of recycled and re-purposed items set into little charms to add to chains, bracelets... or your own unique jewelry items. She featured little journals... music sheets under Ice Resin... all kinds of cool objects that inspired thousands.

And of course... paper beads themselves... like these ones by Jessica Mattingly on Etsy.
Simply cut paper into elongated triangles... wrap around a small wire or tool... glue ... and seal!

*photos by Elaine A. Russell