Wednesday, November 16, 2011


In today's busy, busy times... I found that I was beginning to fixate on the comments that were left on my blog... and it occurred to me... that I started this blog not to receive compliments per se... but so that people can have the opportunity to step --- a little bit anyway--- in to my world. To see things from my point of view. To see my photography... my art... my day. To perhaps inspire you... the reader... to go out there in the world and ENJOY it. Photograph it. Draw it. Embellish it. Make something. Live. Life. Fully.

And so. Please... read! ... enjoy!... spread the word! And don't feel bogged down by having to comment. Take what you love... and pass it on. Of course... be aware that my email address is still posted on the sidebar to the left.. and you can always contact me there if you want to share something :)

The photo for today's post is of the locust tree in my driveway. When we first moved into this house SO many years ago... it was just a struggling little branch in some pretty poor soil. I have tried to nurture it over the years.. .and it has blessed us in return with thousands of bees buzzing all summer long; nibbling on the pollen drenched blooms.... cicadas at night.... hundreds of little finches waiting for me to put out some seed... and more. I love it.