Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's beginning to feel like the holiday season... and even the weather has begun to get a nice crispness to it.

I am so excited about the "bead haul" I got last weekend... and I am almost done sorting the bulk of it out. As soon as it is done... I will include the updated photos of the studio space... but for now... it's a little bit of a disaster. The wonderful thing is... I am sorting alot of it out to put in my ETSY store as supplies for other people interested in making jewelry.

I also have been finishing up some projects that I have also listed in my ETSY store... which includes a scarf I finished up the other night. It is super long... super soft... and I love the color combinations in it. I named it "Winter Wren"... as I was inspired by all the little wrens and finches that have been frequenting our birdfeeder out front lately. (see photo above of the one of our little bird buddies... and below of the scarf).