Saturday, December 3, 2011


One of the things I try to do is eat healthy.

I've always favored organic food... growing up in the middle of PA certainly helped... as there was fresh farm food readily available. In 92; after being diagnosed with Lupus... I got on the "bandwagon" so to speak... and re-newed some healthy eating habits. Of course... over the years it has waxed and waned to a certain degree. I was really good after having cancer in 97... and I believe that eating macrobiotic saved my life. Since 97... I try to eat as balanced and as organic as I can... with the occasional COKE and burgers thrown in for good balance.
I still drink coffee... I still like toffee now and then... and I really enjoy a good steak.
That said... I  do try.
(( Course... having a daughter who is essentially vegan DOES help :)

Anyway... the photo for today is a collage of shots that I did over the past year or so... showcasing healthy food as fine art photography...
... or at least... that was my goal.