Wednesday, December 7, 2011



well.... it's been VERY cold here... especially for ABQ... down to about 12 degrees at times. And windy! Super windy.... and occasionally... a dusting of snow... off and on for the last couple of days. It surely has been time to burrow in and stay warm... snuggle up ... read a book... and drink some tea.

And then there's the laptop... which I think has become infected with the playfulness of Mercury in Retrograde. Oddly... every  battery in my house has suddenly died... as did a couple lights. In fact... I went to Walgreens to get some batteries... and every street light I passed suddenly went out.  Tis the season :)

And so... I am taking this as a sign to relax and work on some crafts... do some more organizing in the studio (if I can brave the cold out there)... or maybe watch some CSI.

On the plus side!!!
One of my crocheted scarves made the FRONT PAGE of ETSY this weekend... and it's been amazing. Lots of people have found my store and have "favorited" some of my items... which is always wonderful and reassuring. I am selling a bit more... and, in general, feel like the Universe is giving me the "nod" that I am on the right track in doing what I love.

I also sanded down and painted the top of an old bureau in the living room. It houses a plethora of scarves... candles... winter gear and such. But the top of it I use as an alter of sorts... placing offerings and symbols of the season on top. It now has a pretty milk paint on top in a gorgeous shade of aqua blue... and I was able to put alot of little holiday type decorations on it. This includes a little forest of bottle brush trees that I found on Etsy... some vintage bunny figurines and lots of little candles. It makes me happy :)